Based on experience from thousands of installations throughout the years, our VDRs have been designed to allow for quick and efficient installation. Regardless of the age of the vessels and their equipment, our interface units make it possible to connect and record the necessary signals – as well as additional signals if desired – on any vessel in any segment that requires a VDR.

Our Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) not only fulfill SOLAS requirements, they also meet our customers’ high demands on reliability and incident follow-up possibilities, such as outstanding voyage data playback options. We offer a broad range of voyage data-based cloud services for safety management and pro-active incident prevention, as well as remote diagnostics for cost-efficient maintenance and APT.

By choosing our VDR with its modular system design, you can be certain that the minimum amount of hardware is used, and that cabling can be done efficiently by placing modules where it is most convenient. This optimizes both hardware and installation costs

Tugboats, workboats and other smaller vessels are exposed to risk every day. Being able to play back and review recorded sequences is key to eliminating risk and increasing safety.

Thanks to its modular system design, we can offer our VDR in a cost-efficient mini version to these vessel segments, where a VDR is not mandatory. By using cloud services, the operation of your vessels can be examined in detail from the office. In case of incidents, it is easy to play back a sequence and draw conclusions on how to improve safety. The system also provides solid evidence in case of any disputes..