Designed to reduce installation time and cost

Our log systems are designed with a minimalistic approach, reducing the number of parts that have to be installed and reducing the number of necessary modifications to the vessels’ hull.

The sophisticated all-in-one transducer measures all the necessary parameters (Speed Through Water, Speed Over Ground, Depth) through only one hull penetration, which saves time both during installation and occasional maintenance.

Our broad product range meets any possible demand

We offer a range of combination log systems as well as pure speed log systems. An all-in-one transducer unit for measurement of STW (Speed Through Water), SOG(Speed Over Ground), as well as Depth.


The current design and construction of our logs is the result of decades of research and development, iterations and innovation. We know how important reliability and safety is for our customers, and therefore we control the design and production of all parts, most crucial being the bottom parts, transducers and circuit boards. The SAL R1a system, which measures STW (Speed Through Water)