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MCT Brattberg endeavourers to protect people and property through the design, development and manufacture of high-performance cable and pipe transits.

The comprehensive range of frames, insert blocks and other components of our transits provides remarkable application flexibility.

The HandiBlock is a new safe, flexible and easy-to install insert block. HandiBlock is available in four sizes to fit cables/pipes or tubing from 4 to 54 mm. A Handiblock consist of two half MainBlocks and two Insertstrips. Every compression ring in the insertStrip has a clear marking to indicate different cable/pipe diameters for a safe and quick installation

MSR cable glands At Sea
A 60 Lloyds certified
Pressure tested upto 5 bar
MED Modular B approved for use in cruise liners & passenger vessels
Each gland accommodates a range of cable diameters
No additional parts or on site machining required
Gland manufactured from stainless steel
Housing/body manufactured in electroplated mild steel
No welding required

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